Dear Diary 2019: The Week of Wisdom Teeth and Seam Ripping

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Good afternoon!

Another week gone over here.  How is everyone this Sunday afternoon?  Or maybe it’s Monday?  I am sitting here writing this on a Sunday, as I catch up on posts, so not sure when I will hit the publish button…

This week started off pretty busy for me.  I had lot’s of errands to run on Monday, spanning three counties, then on Tuesday and Wednesday I was up to my elbows in school work and grading.  I still have grading to do, which really is the story of my life.

The sun was extra bright and warm for half the week, and I took advantage of that and tried to get a little bit of vitamin D.  Who is whiter, me or Yuki?  Ha ha!

I was on top of it at the gym, almost all week.  It’s been several weeks since I’ve done three days in a row!  I almost made it my regular four, but had to take Thursday off for Ethan.  He had his wisdom teeth pulled that day and I was home with him, which wasn’t a bad thing.  It was nice being a couch potato for one day and not feel guilty about it.  Bonus, I got to seam rip that dress I made last month that needed adjustments, and since I was at it, I just went ahead and fixed it up early the next morning while he was still asleep.  Maybe I wasn’t such a couch potato after all!

The boy’s wisdom teeth surgery went well.  He was out of it for about half the first day and not really in that much pain until the early morning of the next day.  I feel for him, I remember being there, but I am happy it’s over and done with.  He’s sure the weekend is all he needs for recovery, so let’s see how he feels when he gets home from work Monday.  I remember it took me almost a whole seven days before I wanted to do anything, but my teeth were a lot more of a problem than his.  At least I feel like it took that long way back when.  (I do have a very accurate memory of my last twenty years, FYI.  I attribute it to the fact that I’ve been documenting my life in a journal form, one way or another, all these years.)

Now it’s the weekend, beginning of the next week, and I’m catching up on the me stuff.  I’m sewing, cutting out patterns, and blogging.  It’s raining again and cold so being outside doesn’t sound that appealing.  I went out just long enough to walk the dog and am happier in here where it’s warm and dry.

And because of said wet and cold weather, I tried to take some outfit pictures of my newest dress inside.  I’m not sure how I like them just yet.  The best ones were those with my boy being silly.  ❤

That’s all from me.  Hoping for some more sunshine this week.  Have a great one, everybody!


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