Dear Diary 2019: The Week of Nashville and Pruning…

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Hello, hello!

After days, days, and days of rain we finally have sun here in West Tennessee!  And not just one hour or one day, we’re on day three of sunshine.  I couldn’t be happier!

Life has been busy, that’s for sure.  Let me catch everyone up…

I got over my weekend of sinus troubles and started off last week in the vineyard.  I got two days in and almost two rows pruned before the rain came back and chased me indoors for almost the rest of the week.

Then Wednesday, I packed up a small bag and headed east with my guy for an overnight in Nashville.  He was there for the rest of the week for work, but I got to tag along and spend a day and a half downtown with him.  The only bad part of the trip, the rain.  It rained the whole way there, but it quit when we drove into the city.  Stephen checked in, and I went to Trader Joe’s and the mall.  I killed a bit of time while Stephen went straight to meetings then I made my way to the room and low and behold, I saw the sun shining out from the clouds!  This was only temporary, and of course once Stephen was done with ‘work’ and texted me to head out and meet him for the night, the rain was back and I am happy to say I at least remembered my umbrella.

The only thing lately I’ve been wanting to do in downtown Nashville is go out for a night on a rooftop restaurant.  Since September we’ve been trying with no luck.  The rain or some other engagement has ruined every chance.  Tonight, we were going to go up on the roof anyway, even if it was just to take some pictures and think about how nice the next time will be.  Prepare yourselves for the overload of pictures.

I found out about the Hotel Bobby the end of last year: the rooftop of my dining dreams!  But it’s only a lounge, and the igloos are temporary and more for a larger group.  This particular night Stephen and I were hungry, not having eaten much the whole day expecting a nice dinner downtown, and Stephen’s meet and greet meetings went longer than expected, so rooftop finger food wasn’t going to cut it.  We went upstairs and checked things out, enjoyed the view, and stood by the fire for a few – it was still raining – then we made our way downstairs to the restaurant, which didn’t disappoint.

The food was good, the drinks we had were alright, but the atmosphere was the best part.  The decor was great!  I felt silly taking pictures of everything, but if you don’t have a gazillion pictures from your night out did it even happen?

So that was that.  The rain did stop by the time were were headed back to the room, so at least we could take in some of the downtown sights without an umbrella for a little bit that evening.

The next morning we had a great breakfast together, then Stephen and I parted ways.  He walked on the the Double Tree for his thing and I walked on the Music City Center for my thing.  And my thing I had just found out about the weekend before.  It was a right place at the right time kind of event for me, so how could I pass up day one of Quilt Con?  I mean I was already downtown and my parking was already paid for the day…

I will post more about Quilt Con separately because I have an overload of pics from that as well.

That evening I made it home, safe and dry, but then the rain returned and didn’t stop for days.  The rivers, steams, creeks, and such are over flowing.  The pond in the yard behind me is higher than I think I’ve ever seen it, and I am loving the sunshine right now that we’ve had since Sunday.

Sunday I was back in the vineyard, starting this week off much like the last, pruning.  I have help now though, and I’m pretty sure thanks to that great help, my pruning days are done for this season.

Now you’re all are all caught up.  I’ll be back with a Quilt Con recap before you know it.  🙂


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