Dear Diary 2019: The Week of 18 and Arkansas Grapes

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I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung over here in West Tennessee.

How’s the weather where you are?  It was a little on the cloudy and dreary side last week, but also there was lots of sunshine and warm weather, and this time of the year it’s hard to complain about that!

There were only a few main things going on this particular week.  Maybe the one that’s impacted me the most is that my boy is now 18.  Not that much really has changed, but kind of it has.  I feel older now.  It’s taken this long for my age to finally hit me (there’s nothing to mark time more than having a child, and watching that child grow into an adult), I’ve gone from feeling like a 20 something for the last 20 years, to being on the verge of a midlife crisis.  (Just joking about the midlife crisis, or am I?)

So, that’s that.  And the other thing about last week, I traveled about 11 hours round trip to pick up some grape vines.  That was fun!  Really, it was.  And the drive wasn’t bad at all.

When we got to Altus, Arkansas we browsed the Post Winery gift shop as we waited for our vines to show up: found a few new bottles of wine to try, and some muscadine infused chocolate.  That stuff was delicious!

Once we got our vines, we were able to take a quick run through of the winery.  It’s pretty impressive, and so big.  Post Winery is one of the top wineries in the country.  For their area, they are the leading grape grower and grape buyer.  Plus, thousands of bottles are bottled there daily.

On to the present, I’m in the middle of spring break week.  I’ve made a dress in my free time, and even took pictures for the blog.  The 60 grape vines we brought home last Friday were planted into the ground this Monday and Tuesday, and the bees have been checked for the first time this year.

Yes, warmer and sunnier days are upon us.  🙂

But, I must be going, I have many papers still left to grade before the week is over, and I’m feeling a little ambitious about making myself another dress.  Until next time.  Enjoy your week, everyone!


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