My Quilt in Progress

I know I have mentioned it before, but I will say it once again (and then continue to make a blog post about it), I finally started my quilt.  This is just wonderful, I know, because it has been in the thought process since about last September and I have only been waiting for my very own quilt since 2001.  There was nothing stopping me to make one myself sooner, and I did, but never actually ‘completed’ it, so to say.  It is just a quilt top that I ended up folding in half to use as a cabinet cover in my living room.  (It is complete as far as I am concerned.)  But back to this one, it is my group quilt and it is moving along very nicely.

Three weeks we have been working on it and I am happy with how it is progressing.  It won’t be long before we are all sitting in a circle, hoops in hand, trying our best-est to make the straightest possible stitches as we chat away about all of the mistakes we hope the others won’t see.  But before then, I have to find a backing.  It only took me since September to get the material so I suppose I should stop blogging about it and start looking into it.  I am thinking something flannel that way I won’t necessarily need batting in the middle – it is a quilt with several layers.  I can’t wait for the finished product!  I am hoping before the cold weather comes…

Quilting Progress2

Quilting ProgressTotally NOT sweatshop conditions, even though I may seem to appear a bit overworked.  🙂

And on a different note, I am in need of a logo (button, badge think they are all essentially the same thing) for this here blog o’ mine.  I am gonna try and design one myself, but does anyone have any suggestions or input?

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