Nothing that is unless you are interested in another one of my thrifty finds.  And I also say nothing because to me, shorts are just nothing really special.  But sometimes, every once in a while, I find a need to put on a pair.  I had a need to wear some this week – more about this in a minute – and really, I am not one to resist plaid.  That and that fact that these only cost me a mere quarter.  I would have paid a couple of bucks, but when the nice lady told me there were a quarter, I didn’t hesitate, even although they are just shorts.

A yard sale find of yesteryear, and I am so happy with them.  Like I mentioned, I love plaid!  (Can’t decide if I like it as much as polka dots, or even more than, but it is up there as one of my fabric prints of choice.  Come to think of it, why have I not had any plaid outfits up on this here blog o’ mine?  I guess more outfits for another day… )

This week was rainy, and this week I also had the opportunity to experience what it was like to unload a diesel truck trailer.  Not what you were expecting to read, I bet.  Not what I was expecting to do, but I did.  I did not want to wear jeans, too hot and not a good choice when there was the potential to end up being soaked.  A dress or a skirt just seemed out of the question.  Would I be climbing in and out of this diesel truck trailer?  So what else but a pair of shorts, and not just any shorts, but plaid shorts.  They made me at least feel a little more stylish than say a pair of jean shorts would have.

The rain quit being a torrential downpour and turned into a slight sprinkle just as the unloading began, so even though I took something else to change into after everything was said and done, I chose to stay wearing my new favorite pair of plaid shorts for the rest of the day.  (I only have two that are plaid.)

Anyone wondering what I was doing unloading a diesel, I will explain.  There is this company based out of Oregon, Azure Standard, and they sell bulk organic produce and products.  The way they sell it is to put all of the orders in a truck trailer and travel across the county.  They make scheduled stops along the way giving us ‘country folk’ a chance to get some organic goodies that would normally be hours of a drive away or only available online with high shipping costs, depending on what you are getting.  The only downside is that you have to do a little work.  It is a group effort to unload the diesel and this was my first time doing it, but much to my surprise it wasn’t that bad and I think I will be ordering from them in the future.  (It was not my order I was picking up, but rather for a few friends.)  I wonder if my experience would have been as positive if it had been, oh 90 plus degrees and total humidity?  I should know more about this in a month or two.  😉

Summer Shorts

Plaid Shorts

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8 Replies to “Nothing to See Here”

  1. I am seriously thinking I need to start shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. I love your shorts. I have a pair of blue plaid shorts somewhere. I should pull them out.


  2. That’s a cute pair of plaid shorts! I’ve always been a fan of plaid ever since it was in style in the 80s! In fact Steve and I were wearing our plaid shorts today also we had a dance recital to attend for our friend’s daughter. The weather was going to be 104 today so we decided to wear our thin cotton plaid shorts today. Looking forward to seeing you in more plaid on here. 🙂


    1. I guess I can say it is something that I like from the 80’s! I don’t have near as much plaid as I would like, so maybe I will find a deal on some for an upcoming sewing project, perhaps a plaid dress needs to be thought up… 😉


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