The Thursday Thrift: Yard Sale Season and Block Parties

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Is it yard sale season yet?  Maybe where you are, but I haven’t had any luck yet this spring.  Last week I attempted to go to two yard sales that didn’t seem too out of the way, so I thought.  They ended up being phantom yard sales that didn’t even exist, and one of the said yard sales was almost in the next county!  Out of the way indeed.  So began my first attempt at yard sales this year, and it was a big disappointment.

I am over it though.  Another few weeks, and I am sure there will be more than enough to make up for these two that were not.  And after last year’s great yard sale successes, I am looking forward to this season in full swing!

On Tuesday, we went to a downtown block party.  It was hosted in part by my guy’s work and it was something we were somewhat obligated to attend.  Which was fine, really.  We went to last year’s and had a really good time.  So, what to wear?  I asked my guy if he thought a nice thrift store outfit would be appropriate.  He laughed and gave me a funny look.  (I don’t think he thinks of thrift stores in the same way as I do.)  He then said to wear something nice.

Okay, how about yard sale nice?

The day I got this dress may have been my best yard sale day ever!  I got several brand name, like new dresses all in my exact size!  When does that ever happen?  For me, almost never!


I love the colors and the print of this dress.  I was a little unsure about the length, I thought maybe it could be shorter, but I think overall it is alright.

Any other yard-salers out there?  Do you find you have more luck finding things at yard sales, or thrift stores?

| Dress – Bisou Bisou (thrifted) || Cardigan – No Boundries || Shoes – Old Navy || Necklace – homemade |

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11 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift: Yard Sale Season and Block Parties”

  1. I don’t do a lot of yard-saleing, usually because of the cost of gas and usually because I don’t seem to have much luck. But I love your dress! and I love thrifting!


    1. I try and stay close to home when I do yard sale because, yes, gas is a factor. It is a lot of fun to yard sale, but I think I do like thrifting a lot more, I have more luck with it than yard sales. Thank you!


  2. Well, since I thrift (read: goodwill) more, I have more luck there. But generally do alright at yard sales too. Speaking of finding your exact size, that same thing happened to me last year at a yard sale, the girl was getting rid of so many clothes for so cheap, and she was my size, just pregnant:). I got a lot for cheap. And even called my boyfriend at the time down and he found something as well.


    1. It is hit or miss with me at yard sales. I think sometimes if I were more patient I would have better luck. I like thrift stores because things are so much more organized. Sometimes at yard sales, I am just not in the mood to dig and dig through tubs and tubs, and sacks of clothes.


  3. Such a great find! I think the midi-length is actually really pretty – and for a dress with no lining, if you wanted to get it hemmed it would’nt be bad at all!


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