Photographer for a Day

Did you know that the Wal-mart portrait studios have gone out of business?  Me either until this last week.  You see, we have a very small school group, and we decided a few years ago to get some school photos taken at the Walmart studio.  Hey, for about $15 a package why not?  And the photos were for end-of-the-year projects, so what we came home with was always more than enough.  We did this for two years and this year when we called to make our appointment, nothing.  No answer and no nice message asking that we call back.  I tried and tried for a few days and then finally, went to my local Wal-mart to see what was up.  After a little investigating, I found that all of the studios have closed, AND even the next best thing in our price range was closed as well.

What to do now?  How about make plans to have the children get dressed up, suits and ties dressed up, and go down the road to the lake.  But let’s make sure we make this plan in advance and then on the day of, let’s hope for sunshine as we all make our trek to the lake.  Well, that is pretty much what we did – except the sunshine I was hoping for wasn’t there.  Today, of all of the days we were thinking to schedule our pictures, ended up cloudy and cold.  I was really expecting rain, but that didn’t come for a few hours after the pictures were taken.  So at least some part of the weather was in our favor.

And that is what I did today.  Two hundred plus pictures later, and I think I took a handful that we can chose from.  I have spent some of the afternoon brightening and cropping, so we should have at least ONE that we can all agree to like.

I really should have expected no less from the weather, it has just been like that for me lately!

Cloudy day for pictures

8 Replies to “Photographer for a Day”

  1. Believe it or not, cloudy days are actually better for photos!! (Cold not so much) When I have a session coming up I always find myself hoping for a beautiful cloudy day 🙂 the clouds act like a giant diffuser and soften the light from the sun, making your shadows much less harsh, and much more appealing!


    1. Haha! I almost thought to balance on a wooden bridge rail for an attempt at the ‘perfect shot,’ but I didn’t go through with it. See, pretty far from the edge actually! But it does have a nice ring to it… I’ve a ways to go. 🙂


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