Me Made May

I just signed up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13.  For this month I endeavour to wear at least one Me-Made outfit each week for the duration of May 2013.  In addition, I will also have three new, Me-Made projects completed before the month is over.  I also plan to have weekly blog posts to record my Me-Made-May ’13.

So, I am doing this.  I think it will be a great start of my summer.  I have been wanting to get my sewing machine out for months now but just haven’t found the time.  I already had plans to turn my current ‘school room’  into a sewing room in another few weeks once school was done, so why not have a challenge to go with it?  I also have plans to start my quilting project once school is done, but that won’t be included with this challenge.  I am excited and very ready to start Me-Made-May 2013!  I already have a pile of to-do’s and several new patterns to get started on.

Many of the other participants are planning to wear a Me-Made outfit a day, I don’t think I am able to commit to that, and I still have a few school related projects going on in the month of May, so I am setting my sights at a level I will be able to accomplish.  I also don’t even think I have enough me-made items already to make it through the month, so wearing a homemade item a day would be impossible because I would have to be sewing all month long!

I am gonna be blogging about my progress, so check back next Monday to see what I have in store for my first week.  Since it has been a little while since I have sewn, I will more than likely be a little rusty, and just so you know I am in no way a seamstress.  May will be a good month to brush up on, and improve on, what little skills I do have.

If anyone else is interested in taking part in this project, the details are here.  Now, I need to go and find my scissors, and get my material out of the attic.  May will be here in only a few days…

Happy sewing!


3 Replies to “Me Made May”

  1. I have found you trough Better Blogger Network and I’m pretty new to blogging me too!
    I think you’re so brave to participate in this challenge and I can’t wait to see your three new project, so I’m following you through bloglovin’!


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