It was a casual kind of Sunday when I wore this week’s thrift inspired outfit.  I don’t know about you all, but lately it has been cold here in West Tennessee.  The sun came out on Sunday, and it was a little warmer than it had been at just over 40 degrees.  We decided to get out of the house so we headed to Nashville for the day.  Casual and comfort were all I was interested in.  Maybe I should have thought about warmth as well; there was snow on the north side of the freeway the whole way there.

We spent some time at the real mall (Walmart really isn’t a mall!), and also got stocked up on some groceries from those stores that I wish were closer to home.  (Whole foods, Trader Joe’s and Costco, why must you be an hour and a half away?)  We had a yummy lunch and even stopped at Dave & Busters to redeem some game credit we have had for several years.

A laid back kind of day calls for a laid back kind of outfit.  Recently, I have been lurking the aisles of Goodwill more often than usual.  Most of the time, I leave empty handed, but the last two trips have given me a couple of new items.

I found this skirt a couple of weeks ago, and happy day, it was only $2.00!  It’s a little more than a basic, boring skirt having some stitched ribbon detail on it.  It also happens to be one of my favorite neutral colors which means it will go with everything, including red tights and random purple walls.

Right away I knew the shirt would be an instant favorite.  For me, simple black t-shirts get worn to death, and my current favorite black shirts are way passed their prime being no longer black, but more like a faded shade of what they once were.  Yes, it was time for a replacement, and this one will do just fine.  Plus, it has stripes, I love stripes!

My thrift store finds are getting better and better lately.  I am finding that thrifting is a great way to save some extra cash when you have spending money just burning a hole in your pocket, at least it is working well for me!

Do you have a thrift store staple item?  Something that you know you will always find, such as a basic black shirt?


 Shirt – American Eagle (thrifted) || Sweater – No Boundaries || Skirt – Intuitions (thrifted) || Necklace – handmade || Tights- Vera Wang || Shoes – Simple

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