I recently dusted off my quilting hoop and I am currently carrying my thimble in my purse at all times.  And since the latest Friendly Quilting Project is almost done, it is my turn to have a quilt of my choice made.

I thought the hard part was over, picking THE quilt that I would like to have made, but after yesterday, I know now that the hard part is currently on the table.  Well, the hard part is getting the material to put on the table!

I was in the fabric store yesterday, my boy hunched over in the corner of the endless wall of material – ipod in hand, and I gazed up and down the wall of those perfectly placed, color coordinated, bolts of fabric.  I had just talked to my guy on the phone as I entered the parking lot of the store.  I assured him that I had only two stops left before I would be headed home, just in time for dinner.  Here, I thought, I would only be as long as it took to find somebody to cut the material for me…

I knew what I needed.  I had a list on my iphone:

The actual hard part: picking the right patterns to go with the others, and how much of which kind, and… and there were SO many of them to choose from!  How would I ever get 11 1/2 yards of material, and make it home in time for dinner?  Plus, I would have to wait for the person who cuts the material to show up from where ever it is they are always hiding when you need them the most.  I stopped there and left.  Sorry, ladies, I may not have all of my material on the table this coming week.  But I am headed to the store again – once we are done with school.  Only this time, with the quilting book in hand and SEVERAL hours before dinner!

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