Thrifter Thursday

Deep down in my blogging heart, I secretly wish to write about things of fashion.  Now, this little ole blog of mine is mostly a mixture of whatever I think up for the day, but I do like to think about clothes and fashion related posts from time to time.  I very much enjoyed doing posts for Skirtember, and I have come across several blogs that do occasional link-ups based on a certain fashionable premise. is one such blog.

Who doesn’t love a good thrifty find?  I have found several things around the house, particularly things in my closet, from many a yard sale and local Goodwill store.  Some things looking as good as brand new!  So, for a new blogging idea, I am going to start participating in Thrifter Thursdays, where I will link up and show off some of the stylish things I have had the luck to come across in my thrifting adventures!  These posts will be planned for every other Thursday, starting next week.

Stop back by to see what I have in store for my first week…

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