Shoe Save Twenty-Seven

The forgotten flats!  I bought these at the end of the season last year, on clearance, and then kind of forgot about them until recently.

They are a size too big, and there is no way they fit me, really, but when I got them I was looking forward to this fall and winter when a pair of socks would be a must.  Since the weather has cooled, finally, they have come out from their summer hiding place.

They are from Kohl’s – So brand – and they are my first of this brand so I don’t know yet how they will hold up.  Flats for me get worn often, easy to get on and off, and I am expecting to get my money’s worth out of them, as little as they did cost.  Got to love end of season shopping!

Okay, I haven’t actually done a physical recount of my shoes, but I know that I started with 36, I got rid of 2, and then I have bought 3 – I think – so, I should be at 37 pairs and that means I have ten left to go and about twenty weeks left of my challenge.  I should have no problems at all.  This actually gives me an excuse to buy more shoes, ten more if I want to save a pair a week…


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