Can’t Connect

I have a problem.  This problem comes about whenever I have some free time and I am wanting to spend some of it online.  I have had this problem for years.  My problem is my internet connection.  Shouldn’t good, reliable, high speed internet be the norm by now?

I had high speed, once.  For three wonderful years I knew what all the buzz was on youtube, I watched funny videos and streamed online content, things were great.  I could email photos with the click of the mouse and I could see photos with that same instant click.  Now, I could very easily edit and watermark my own photos in the time it takes to load a page online.  (I may be exaggerating a bit about the editing AND watermarking.)

Perhaps I should not complain.  My wifi internet is technically called high speed, and it does have it’s good days, but lately they are few and far between.  I seem to waste more time resetting and reloading than I do web reading and blogging.  Oh, to have real high speed!  The kind that doesn’t come from a Virgin mobile wifi device.  Maybe one day, this county back road where I am will get the real internets!  We did just get our road paved, after all, so perhaps we are headed in the right direction.  In the mean time, I will periodically check my connection and immediately jump at the moment I DO momentarily have high speed!

Well, enough of this, I think my signal just came back.