Can’t Connect

I have a problem.  This problem comes about whenever I have some free time and I am wanting to spend some of it online.  I have had this problem for years.  My problem is my internet connection.  Shouldn’t good, reliable, high speed internet be the norm by now?

I had high speed, once.  For three wonderful years I knew what all the buzz was on youtube, I watched funny videos and streamed online content, things were great.  I could email photos with the click of the mouse and I could see photos with that same instant click.  Now, I could very easily edit and watermark my own photos in the time it takes to load a page online.  (I may be exaggerating a bit about the editing AND watermarking.)

Perhaps I should not complain.  My wifi internet is technically called high speed, and it does have it’s good days, but lately they are few and far between.  I seem to waste more time resetting and reloading than I do web reading and blogging.  Oh, to have real high speed!  The kind that doesn’t come from a Virgin mobile wifi device.  Maybe one day, this county back road where I am will get the real internets!  We did just get our road paved, after all, so perhaps we are headed in the right direction.  In the mean time, I will periodically check my connection and immediately jump at the moment I DO momentarily have high speed!

Well, enough of this, I think my signal just came back.

4 Replies to “Can’t Connect”

  1. we spent our first year in Italy with HORRIBLE internet, that never worked on rainy days, and would sometimes work on sunny days….I usually wouldn’t have problems during the day trying to watch a tv show or youtube video, but as soon as my husband got off work, we were lucky if we could watch a 5 minute video without it stopping to buffer every 20 seconds….I totally feel ya on the crappy internet….here’s to hoping your internet connection stays strong, and better internet options come your way!


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