Put on My Sunday Shoes

Sunday's Shoes

You have never seen these shoes before.  (Maybe you have, if I know you in person.)  They weren’t included in my shoe challenge, and I only wear them when I am doing outside work.  So today, that is what I did.  I worked in the yard, and wore my ratty ole shoes.

I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to get outside and start cleaning up leaves, sticks, and trash from the windblown yard.  Also I have been pondering the right way to trim and prune a few of the plants that may make another season, that is if today, I pruned and trimmed them correctly!  I told myself to quit worrying about how, when, and where when it comes to gardening this year, and just do whatever I think – still after asking google, but with much less time thinking and rethinking.  This may just be a disaster, or it may be the best way to learn how to become a better gardener.  I was once told the best time to prune bushes and trees, was when you had your pruners in hand.

I should know in a few months if Mexican petunias come back in the spring once they have been chopped to the ground.  And I will also know in a short amount of time if those green blades popping up from under the debris I just raked away are crocuses or weeds – I really hope they are not weeds!

Also, it is yet to be determined if the few flower pots with bulbs that I have will make it another year, but I cleaned them up anyway.  There is a possibility I did a lot of yard work today for nothing, but I have a feeling a few plants are on their way back to life!

Either way, I think I will be a better gardener this year than I was last year.  Really, when starting at the very bottom, the only way to go is up.    Wish me well.  Hopefully I will be able to show many beautiful plants, flowers, and such in the months to come.  I am feeling very optimistic today!

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