Another Week in My Life

I didn’t think I would be doing posts like this every week, and just so you know, normally I will not, but this week left me somewhat uninspired for blogging.  Since I have been doing the daily photo journal thing, I decided to end this week with the same kind of post as the last.  (Taking a photo a day, if anything, gives a ready made prompt for a spur of the moment blog post.)

8th – No, I didn’t start the weekend drinking tequila, it was for cooking purposes only!  I have cooked with wine, and I have cooked some desserts with other alcohols, but nothing ever with tequila.  One day as I was browsing my WordPress blogroll, I came across this recipe and thought I would try it out. (I modified it some to my own liking but the meat was cooked as called for.)  We happen to have plenty of venison in our freezer and I always need a new idea for something to cook.  Venison stroganoff, with tequila, was very delicious, and I will definitely be making this recipe again.

9th – It was a long day out on Saturday.  Yuki had a lot of energy when we got home and she played, played, and played some more.  It was all fun and games until a claw got to close to an eye.  All is good, but the fun ended there for the night.  Word of advice, faces should be kept at a reasonable distance from hyper dogs while they are at play.

10th – I did yard work until the rain chased me inside and then I went window shopping at the mall Walmart.  I came home with only the few essentials I went for, including this pattern that I guess wouldn’t be considered an essential.  Turns out I had one almost the same to begin with.  Ugh, those impulse buys!


11th – I found myself in front of my computer screen this evening.  I had nothing much to write about, but I did have some thoughts for header designs.  I tweaked and tried out several different ideas, but nothing ended up staying; my header is still the same photo that it has always been.  On a template related note, I did find one that I liked so I am slowly making progress with that.

12th – It was a dreary day!  The weather matched the mood completely, but being home forced me to tackle my week’s worth of grading papers.  Grading is another job that never seems to end.  Well, I do at least get a three months break from this one.

13th – This was the least eventful day of the whole week.  My boy starting coming down with something last night and spent the whole day curled up on the couch.  My only plans for the day were walking up and down the street with the dog.  No need to dress up for that, so the boy’s overly-worn boots were more than appropriate.

14th – It was a beautiful morning and I was very happy to walk outside first thing and see the sun shining through the trees.  It hasn’t shone completely since last weekend, and I was really needing some brightness in my life today.

That was my week.  Again, nothing really to write about, but I did anyway!  😉  I am hoping for a better weekend, hopefully with plenty of sunshine!

Enjoy your weekend!

6 Replies to “Another Week in My Life”

  1. I love photo posts. Gives the eye something to look at other than text on screen. Tequila and homework was definitley what defined a few college moments of mine. ha ha!


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