A Week in My Life

At the beginning of the year, I had this great idea to make one of those photo-a-day slideshows, where people take a picture of themselves every single day, and then play through them all to see how they have changed.  I started, and got maybe three days into it.  Then after thinking I looked different in those three short days already, I decided never mind.  My guy doesn’t really need me asking him everyday if I look different today than I did yesterday.  (Not anymore than I already do, that is.)

So instead, I decided to take a photo a day of random things that I do or see and go with that for as long as I remember to take the photos – I have already almost forgotten a few times and I have only been doing this for a few weeks.

Oh, don’t worry, I am not going to show off the last several weeks of my life in photos, just the last one, as unexciting and boring as it probably was.  I know, iphone quality photos are so much fun to look at, and especially when they belong to a stranger! (Only a hint of sarcasm there. 😉 )


1st – It snowed overnight and it was kind of a surprise since it was only near the 70’s the day before.  I woke up to snow and it stayed around most of the day, it was cold!

2nd – Saturday is the day I get to sleep in, but this particular day we all woke up early!  Yuki was happy to be out walking sooner than usual.


3rd – We don’t really watch TV, but we sometimes watch a football game here and there.  I say we, but really I mean the boy.  I don’t EVER watch football unless it’s the Super Bowl, and it was on Sunday so I watched it, kind of.

4th – I had little ones over on Monday and they all did a puzzle.  Yuki thought the puzzle made for a great place to sit and lay on.  She sometimes likes to be the center of attention.

5th – Nothing exciting here, at all!  Just a normal evening relaxing on the couch with a blue glowing hand.  (This was one of the days I almost forgot to take a picture.  It was late, and this is what was going on.)

6th – On my way to and from school Wednesday, I hit traffic stops.  Funny to come across a traffic jam on the back roads I frequently travel.  There is a lot of clean up going on from last week’s storm, and this is definitely not something I see everyday!


7th – My boy had a dentist appointment so we had a reason to go to the BIG city.  I pass by this bridge pretty often and I always want to take a picture, I love bridges!  I pulled over this day and noticed there was a small parking lot with a big field leading to the base of the bridge; we stopped and walked over to get a few pictures.  I was happily snapping away until my boy told me he saw a BIG dog that looked like it was running our way.  Big, strange dogs know that I don’t like them, so before it noticed us, we quickly walked back to the car and headed home.  I believe this bridge is part of the Natchez Trace Parkway, it is at the entrance to the road anyway.  The Parkway is on my list of driving trips, so there will be pictures for another day.

A week in my life as seen by my iPhone.  Thanks to a recommendation from one of my favorite style blogs, I came across an app called Project 365.  It is a nice way to keep track of your pictures if you like to do the photo a day thing.  I am gonna stick with it as long as I can remember.  I think it is kind of fun to notice the little things about the day, and it’s way better than a face photo a day!

5 Replies to “A Week in My Life”

  1. Your week sounds a lot more interesting than any I ever have xD I spent all this week staring at my blog that needs a new design and did nothing but play Warcraft 😛


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