The Rainy Blues

I should have gotten out of bed at 6am when the alarm went off, I was awake.  Instead, I hit snooze and got up almost an hour later.  And what did I wake up to?  Rain.  Pouring, beating on the roof rain.  It is the sound I never want to hear first thing in the morning as I get out of bed.  Hearing this only means one thing, I am going to have to go outside in it.

I have a new, slight dislike for rain since a dog came into our life.  Most of the time, she doesn’t seem to mind it one bit, but me on the other hand, I am not particularly fond of stepping foot into the 40 degree morning after just having been snuggled up warm in my bed, only to be greeted by heavy raindrops and the cold on my face.  I could probably solve this problem by getting a proper umbrella.  How is it that I have not replaced the broken one I have seeing I only live where it rains  a lot?

It’s a little late to be thinking about replacing the umbrella now, so in the meantime, I will be spending the day timing our outside time between the bouts of downpours and  the moments of drizzle.  Oh, and I have an umbrella on the top of the shopping list, so off to Walmart I will go, once again.  But first, I must talk myself into getting off of the computer, and working out.  It is going to take a lot of convincing, I am thinking of doing the Asylum, again…

Off I go, no really, I am going.