Some More Outtakes

Since I have completed my shoe challenge I haven’t had a need for taking any shoe related pictures.  Not only was I using the challenge to get my shoes worn, but also it was a means to get some practice with self-photography.  For my first challenge, my guy and my boy were the ones snapping pics of me, but they were here and there and really I was just wanting something that was decent enough to post to  This time around, since I was blogging about the challenge, I was the one in charge of taking my own photos.  I got a neat remote that worked very well with my guy’s fancy camera, but that was only good until the tripod broke.  Instead of immediately replacing it, I have been improvising and it is kind of funny what my new ‘tripod’ has become.  My trusty gorilla pod attatched to the dolly with my handy dandy point and shoot camera have worked very well for the last few months of self-photography.

The only occasional downside to the self-timer method is that I am sometimes out of focus while the background looks great.  I recently tried the face connect feature, but I found it kind of hard to hold a smile for ten shots in a row and manage to keep my eyes open.  Well, needless to say, I have ended up with some more outtakes and I thought rather than keep them to myself, why not show off some that didn’t make the cut.  It is not hard for me to laugh at myself, most of the time.

I think my biggest interferences, besides myself, would be the wind, my own hair, and failed attempts at jumping.  So here are a few of my best, from the worst.



Is it possible to be too happy while taking photos of oneself?  It must be something about posing in front of the back door that makes me so happy!  And if you look closely, you will see the shadow of my make shift tripod…



Saving the best for last, the jumping shots that were not.


Finding pictures that didn’t turn out that well was easy!  What are your photo storing habbits?  Do you save all of the photos you take, even the bad ones, or do you immediately delete before they even make it to the computer?  Aren’t digital cameras the best?  😉

4 Replies to “Some More Outtakes”

  1. I rarely delete in the camera but try to delete as many as possible in my first run through on the computer. When I have one good image from a set I try to delete any that are real close. Somehow I still end up with way too many photos.


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