Good Morning Friday

The summer weeks have flown by.  I realized this a few days ago when I started thinking about the school books I need to start getting for the boy.  Summer, please don’t rush on by, stay a bit longer, take it easy we are in no hurry!  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to keep summer from moving on, but I can do something about the rest of it.

It is another end of another week, and so far so good.  I have had plenty to keep myself busy, and obviously blogging this week was not one of them.  From ‘secret missions’ to domestic duties, plus I am currently in the middle of a sewing spree, it has been a great one!

As for secret missions, let me just say again, I have some of the most creative friends ever!  There was a surprise party planned and it involved a three county scavenger hunt, an afternoon of surprise painting, and a delicious dinner.  It came together so well, I almost think party planner should be someones second job.  It was an unforgettable day and I will forever have the masterpiece to remember it by.

20130710-081120.jpg 20130710-081133.jpg

Now with sewing, I have made almost two dresses in a little over a week and I am getting to some of my mending pile.  I really like having a sewing room set up, it makes it so easy to just sit down and work a little here and there.  And I am very inspired after my last dress, hopefully I can keep going on to some others. (Posts to come I am sure.)

20130710-081149.jpg 20130710-081200.jpg

Also, I have been busy putting up fruit and vegetables.  I skipped the vegetable garden all together again this year, but it hasn’t stopped me from having a good amount to deal with, and I am surprised by how time consuming it is.  My very generous neighbor has been stopping by daily with armfuls of goodies, but I have had to work for some of it.  A whole row of green beans had my name on it, but I had to pick them, totally fine and totally worth it!  Having all of these veggies means I am having to store them as well.  (I guess I didn’t really need to have a garden after all.)  And the blueberries are never ending!  One day alone this week we picked ten cups and that was just in the morning, there were still plenty to get that afternoon.  I am happy to say this has been a successful year for blueberries, and a good year with a friendly neighbor.  I may not need to consider planting anymore bushes, or any vegetables for that matter. 😉

20130710-081659.jpg 20130710-081216.jpg

Only five little weeks of summer break to go.  Sounds like not enough, but I guess it is still time for some more fun.  We already have plans for the weekend.  Enjoy yours, everybody!

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