Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

It has been colder in winters past, but this year has had its fair share of cold temperatures to be considered an appropriate winter for me.  And since it is already February, spring is just around the corner.  It is usually about the end of this month that the temperatures start to be nice and spring-like.

This just means it is time for me to once again start thinking about the things I would like to have growing in my yard.  I seem to do way too much thinking about these things and not enough doing.  I have creative thoughts, but they just don’t show themselves in physical form very often when it comes to landscaping.  I made a little progress last year, and I wonder what will come of this growing season?

There are so many unique things to find in the backyard, and I have come across several, from bugs and plants to even animals.  I would much rather see the animals and plants than the bugs however.

In addition to getting my gardening mind in order, I am also starting to get my bug tolerances up.  I don’t like bugs, especially caterpillars, and I especially don’t like seeing MANY caterpillars together in one place!  Ugh!  I am getting the chills just thinking about them.  I will have to say though, as much as I dislike them, I have seen many that would fit the description of unique, and some that I might even call beautiful!  But beauty is sometimes temporary, and in the case of caterpillars, it only lasts a brief moment then I come back to my senses and remember it is a caterpillar, off with its… Um, I mean, time to get rid of it.


I am not looking forward to caterpillar season!