Shoe Review: Best Of

April 1st 2012 was the official start date of my second Shoe Challenge created by Shoeperwoman over on  This was my second year participating and this time around, I chose to blog about it.

I had a rough start.  Shortly before this time, I injured my left foot and may have even broken a toe, or two – only a speculation because I never got an official word on the injury.  I already had my toes splinted and taped for weeks and that was probably what would have been prescribed had I seen a doctor.  I was only limited to flip flops and one pair of sneakers, plus my foot was taped and wrapped the whole time.  It was not easy to wear any shoes, really!

Once the injury healed, I was ready to jump into shoe saving!  I started with 35 pairs of shoes, and ended with 39.  I bought a few, and I got rid of only two.  Thirty-nine pairs of shoes isn’t that bad, really.  (Is it?)  How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet?  How many of them don’t get worn?  The goal of this challenge was to get them worn, and I did it.

I can narrow my shoe style preferences down to these few: Mary Janes, Boots, wedges, and oxfords.  I have a few pretty pairs, and probably more that are not so pretty.  I guess I could also say that I have a slight Doc Marten infatuation.

Of these, the Mary Janes top my style.  Coming in second would be the boots.

Making this a best of post, my absolute favorite of these two styles would be these two pairs:

Simple brand boots
The best of the boots.
mary jane Doc Martens
The best of the Mary Janes.

Not being a high heeled person, I have settled on the next best thing, wedges.  I am surprised by how many I really do have!  My absolute favorite of this style also happens to be my favorite of my pretty shoes.  Only worn once, and I didn’t do too to well walking, (they are also my highest pair) but practice makes perfect, right?

Charlotte Russe platform shoes
The prettiest wedges I ever did have!

Now for the shoes I wear all of the time.  The ones that always sit by the door and the ones that I wear with pretty much everything:

Doc Martens
Surprise, they are Docs, Mary Janes, and not exactly in the pretty group.

I will say it again, doing a shoe challenge was a lot of fun – and blogging about it might have been even funner.  I have a goal now after two years of wearing all of my shoes, and scrutinizing my collection; my goal is to finally get a pair with heels, and wear them.  I would like something that would fit into the pretty category and something that has not been previously spray painted or modified – preferably, brand new!  Maybe even a little out of my comfort level.  So since all of my shoes have been worn, let the shoe shopping begin…

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