Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This February will be the first month we don’t make our annual trip to New Mexico.  We have been going for the last several years, and we have been spending a good part of the time skiing and snowboarding.  (Sorry, friends and family we won’t be visiting, we are hoping for a chance later in the year though.)  I haven’t even looked into the latest mountain conditions so I don’t even know how the season is going.  My guy has just recently gotten a new job position, and we also just recently came back from a week long trip to Branson, so right now is not the best time to be asking for more time off.

I haven’t really looked into winter activities in this good sized state of Tennessee.  I think there is a ski slope somewhere?  I know there is skiing beyond NM, but this year it is going to have to be closer to home.  Maybe a weekend on the slopes is doable.

My photo is from last February.  I took it the day after we got done skiing.  I think it is appropriate for this week’s photo challenge beyond.


2 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond”

  1. What a gorgeous view. I don’t know how they compare with slopes further west, but I think Gatlinburg has skiing! Or there’s always winter zorbing in Pigeon Forge… 😉


    1. I think you are right about Gatlinburg. And I have wanted to go zorbing ever since I read about your experience. 🙂 Hadn’t thought of winter zorbing though… It would definitely be an option if the slopes were lacking in the snow department.


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