I Will Someday Wear All of the Skirts in My Closet

thrifted skirt

Another skirt looking down

Hello, all!  It is a warm, almost 80 degrees this lovely spring day.  How is the weather where you are?  Is it spring yet?  Or maybe more like summer?

Well, with the exception of maybe one more, I have pretty much blogged about all of my thrifted skirts.  Never did I think two years ago when I started this little old blog, that I would have that much to say about skirts from the Goodwill or from yard sales, but I apparently had plenty to say, and they have almost all had their chance in the spotlight.  This skirt that I have for today’s Thursday Thrift was much like the others, found at the Goodwill.  I can’t remember now if it was the color of the day when I bought it, but I do know that I didn’t spend more than $5.00 for it.  It is a little on the interesting side, and its uniqueness is the main reason why it came home with me.

I have never come across a skirt like this, and I was able to overlook the little bits of pink just because I liked it so much.  (I don’t like pink, in case you were wondering.)  It has these neat looking panels of lace and sheer material hanging from the waist.  I was a little worried about how it would wash, but that ended up being nothing to fret over, it washed out just fine.  I have tried to wear it many a time, but never had the right non-faded black shirt to match it hanging up in my closet.  I must have forgotten about all of the black polyester shirts that I have, because they seemed to match pretty well when I was looking for an outfit this past weekend.  Polyester doesn’t lose its color, but it is oh so hot when the weather warms up.  It was not a warm 80 degrees when I wore this, however, and the added tights are a big clue to that as well.  This was worn last Sunday, it also was a lovely spring day, and the breeze made it just cool enough for tights.  In fact, it may have been the last day the weather was appropriate for tights and polyester shirts!  I have a feeling its gonna be warm from here on out, and I know it’s only gonna get warmer…

Another Skirt 3

 Shirt – Rave || Skirt – no tag (thrifted) || Shoes – Route 66

Anything thrifted up on your blog today?  Leave me a comment with a link so I can check it out.  Until next time, happy thrifting!

PS – I do realize that it is not currently Thursday, and that I am a day early for my Thursday Thrift post.  Being early isn’t usually a bad thing though. 🙂

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