Let the Shopping Begin

My guy came home one day last week to let me know that we had been invited to a downtown, work related event –  something fancier than anything we have ever been to.  This no doubt means that Doc Martens nor spray painted shoes will be acceptable.  I have one month to find a nice dress and an appropriate pair of shoes.  My only problem is, I haven’t had to really dress up as a grown up, and I don’t know what to wear!  I guess I could go with the velvet dress I have in my closet, that is fancy, and then only have to find some shoes.  But I have been given the go ahead to find myself something nice, so why go with what I already have?  Any excuse to go shopping, right!

I always see pretty, fancy dresses online that I only wish I had an occasion to wear, but now that I am looking, I don’t know what I want to get.  I have only looked on three sites, so really the whole wide web hasn’t even been touched.  Although, finding something online probably isn’t a very good idea, not being able to try it on or anything like that.

The dress will probably be easy once I make it to the big city and get to a real mall.  But the shoes, I am dreading the child’s size pair that I may have to settle on.  (The one’s without Velcro or butterflies!)  Oh, the woes of having a small foot!  Now I know why my mom always had such a hard time finding shoes she liked.  I remember my high school prom, and the only shoes I found that I kind of liked were from payless and were only worn that one night then immediately gotten rid of.  I would like to find a pair that might get worn in another situation.  These I may take to finding online.  At least I might have a better chance of finding my size.  And they have to be pretty, not Doc Marten, Mary Jane pretty! I have these that might be okay if nothing else comes my way.

And so the hunt begins.  I am excited and I may even get my hair done.  I have NEVER gotten my hair done!  I better stop biting my nails and get to the store.  April will be here before I know it!

Some online stores I am looking at:  Shabby Apple, Ruche, and of course ebay.  As far as shoes go, I really like these  – and they come in my size!

I am headed to the BIG city Friday, and for now, I will stick with online browsing.

4 Replies to “Let the Shopping Begin”

  1. I love those shoes! I have a ton (well not a ton, a few) of White House Black Market cocktail dresses if you are interested. Most of them are a size 6 though…may be too big for you.


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