Shoe Save Twenty

Wow, I am already at pair twenty!  I think I am moving along just fine with getting all of my shoes worn.  I am starting to think I need to get out the rest of my summery ones since the shoe wearing summer’s end is creeping up on me.  Although, I am somewhat hopeful that whatever doesn’t get saved before the weather changes will have some hope come March when it will already feel much like summer, at least such was the case this last year.  That being said, more than likely, I will have the rest of my summery shoes worn before this month is over.

This week’s pair of shoes that I am showing for my Shoeper Shoe Challenge is another one of my Doc’s.  These really get worn all of the time so I just had to pick a day to take a picture and this was what I chose.  Nothing too special, and I should have bothered to at least shine them up some so they wouldn’t have looked so drab in the picture, sorry!  Oh, and this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, so no, I didn’t already give up on wearing only skirts for the month.

This pair was what started me on ebay shopping for Doc’s.  They were ‘slightly’ used when I came across them and I couldn’t resist the price so I couldn’t turn them down, and I was very happy at how ‘slightly’ used they in fact were.  Mary Jane Doc’s are a staple for me and this particular style is one that I have replaced – I actually DID wear out my last pair!

Another week, and another pair of shoes I have saved!  Now, let’s just hope it doesn’t start raining constantly in the next few weeks so I can get the last of my summer shoes worn.

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