Keeping Track of Things

Is there anything you can’t keep track of on one of these?

It seems that lately I have many goals set for myself. Some may be on the unimportant and kind of silly side (wearing all of my shoes in a year’s time – again, or wearing only skirts for the month of September), but hey, they are great blog topics – says me anyway. Well, I do set serious goals for myself too and some of them are as simple as everyday things that need to be done by a certain time. It is good to be organized – most of the time!

Some things that probably top everybody’s goal list is exercise and diet. I know this is up there on my ‘important’ list of things. While I am not a super serious diet kind of person, I am somewhat of a health nut and try to stick to balanced and good for you foods (I avoid the ‘bad for you’ stuff, eat as much organic as I can, and stay away from processed foods). I also exercise, a lot. I have dieted in the past, low carb – which I really dislike since I am not super excited about eating so much meat all of the time. I will admit cutting out the carbs works, but when you exercise a lot, the dieting isn’t such a big deal, so says me, again.

This summer was the first time I ever counted calories. I do not think I am overweight, but somehow the winters always give me a few extra pounds, so to lose those few pounds that kind of crept up on me, I thought rather than carb counting – which I don’t like, I would try calorie counting – which I have never done. My guy and I downloaded an Iphone app, and for the summer diligently recorded everything we were eating – most of the time. (Somehow those few meals we ate out never did show up in the count…?)

Now that I am no longer a stranger to ‘app’ tracking when it comes to diet and exercise, I was very happy last week when I was contacted by someone from, an online fitness tracking site and app. Somebody there found my blog and was interested in what I had to say – yay! I was asked to try out an upcoming fitness tracking device and write my thoughts on it. Since this is now somewhat up my alley, I am really looking forward to trying it out.  In the mean time, I am gonna download their app and continue on counting my calories – which I am actually really enjoying!