Behind Every Picture

Not everyone is born with a photographic eye and I am one of those who was not. Lately, I will admit, I have actually taken some good pictures that have kind of surprised me. I would also have to say that I surely cannot take all of the credit for my photos, but maybe it is my camera that is in need of a shout out.

I say ‘lately’ but really many of these pictures I have had all along, some for many years, and some for many months. I guess it is only now that I am looking at them a bit differently. For example, my Weekly Photo Challenge posts have all come from the hard drive and not one of them thus far was taken on the week of the named challenge. Pretending to be a photographer was something I guess I have been doing for a while now! I do always have my camera with me. I don’t leave the house without it, and I tend to carry my trusty Gorilla pod for those group photo moments or for those days I think I might come across a beautiful flower filled field and need to take a picture of myself to show off a pair of shoes or some such article of clothing on my blog. (Notice these ‘fields of flower photos’ never happen because number one, I am usually with the boy and he is much too embarrassed to have his mommy posing on the side of the road to take pictures of herself. And number two, these flower filled fields are just that, flower filled fields and we in Tennessee – who were from New Mexico- know that they are just crawling with bugs that we DO NOT want digging into our skin.) What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my camera.

Funny thing about me having a digital camera is that it took so long to get. My guy was only the ‘photo guy’ for many, many years and me, ‘photo guy’s’ wife, only had an APS film camera until 2005. Why it took so long, I may never know. But I do know now that I have one, I couldn’t be without it. And another funny thing is this camera of mine is nothing more than a regular ole’ point and shoot. My guy has the super camera and I use it from time to time but I never get off of the auto program mode (see, proof that I am so not a photographer!).

And now to reveal the identity of this wonderful digital device that I couldn’t be without,

a Canon Power Shot SD780 IS, Digital Elph

It is not the latest, and by some standards not the greatest, but it is my BEST CAMERA EVER, and I hope to continue taking lots and lots of photos with it.

And a couple photos my camera has beautifully captured:

*The only edits to these two pics were the name stamp and resizing. I do love this camera!

4 Replies to “Behind Every Picture”

  1. Confessions, right? I joined a camera group in tech-savvy Seattle, and everyone looked askance at me & my camera – it’s a Sony Nex – a not quite DSLR, but close. It’s ridiculous, but I’m sure they think I’m not serious because my equipment isn’t as hefty as their’s ; ). I know the Elph is a great camera and has the virtue of portability. You enjoy it & take good pictures with it, and you’re honest. What’s not to like?


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