From Black to Bright


At one point I thought black was the best color in the world, for clothes anyway.  Top to bottom black was, after all, what all of the cool kids were wearing in high school!  More times than once, I was sent back to my room to put on something with a bit more color.  I grew out of wanting to only wear black, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying way too much of it.  Why are all of the tops I like in the stores always black?  (Or grey or brown, really.  Better question, why do I always go for the drab looking colors to stock my wardrobe with?)

After recently coming to realize that I have too dull a wardrobe, color wise, I am looking on the bright side.  And how much brighter can you get than yellow?  I am really taking a liking to this vibrant color lately.  Yellow is my new black!  I probably won’t get rid of black completely, but yellow sure brightens up a day more than a black top and drab grey.

Now, come on spring, I am getting tired of being cold and seeing nothing but dull sticks.  I am ready for more color!  However, the yellow forsythia flowers are a nice start.

|Sweater – No Boundries || Dress – Charlotte Russe || Leggings – Worthington || Shoes – Doc Martens || Necklace – handmade |