A good morning to you all!  This week is starting off as a week of catch up for me.  As the title implies, we were recently out of town – a whole week out of town, and a whole week much like other weeks in Branson, MO, only this week was a lot more laid back.  How can that even be possible?  Our Branson trips have always been very laid back as it is.  Well this one was even more so.

I’ve put the photos on my computer so I am ready to tell you all about it, but just know instead of my 11,621 vacation pictures I have about 50, and I am not even exaggerating about that second number.

The highlights of this trip would have to be shopping, eating, and entertainment.  The boys, Ethan and his cousin, would say the highlight for them was the gym and the entertainment.  They found a pay-for-the-week gym and spent at least a couple of hours every single day there.  This just gave my guy and I more time to find food and things to buy.  We had no troubles finding either.

I’d say the main reason for the more laid back than usual Branson trip would have to be the weather and the time of year.  It was cold, rainy, and icy the day we got there and that stayed around for a couple of days.  The day the ice started to melt was Wednesday, and that was the day the sun came out as well.  Most of the attractions were closed for the season, we went knowing this would probably be the case, and we were fine with that.  As long as we could do an escape room, throw some axes, and I could buy fabric we knew we’d make it through the week just fine.

And so we threw axes, escaped the room, and bowled.  Plus, there was an arcade, swimming pools, hot tubs, and plenty of places to shop.  We made it through the week just fine and I have more fabric and patterns as well.

It was a little bittersweet, however, as this may have been our last Branson trip as a family of 3 (+1).  I’ve finally succumbed to the fact that the boy is growing up, and I have a feeling in two years time, traveling with the parents might not be on the top of his list.  Our five years of Branson memories have been wonderful, and I am very thankful we had the time to do it again.  ❤

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