Here we are again, the last weekend of another year.  And even more than that, the last weekend of the decade!  I couldn’t miss out on a Friday post.  Remember those, the Friday posts?  I miss them so they are about to be coming back.  I am sure I can find something to write about once a week, even if it is the same ole stuff that I always do.  🙂

Moving along with this week, it wasn’t my best week (a few things going on behind the scenes, but all is better now).  We got home from vacation on Sunday so Monday started with laundry and cleaning.  Then there was grocery shopping, errands, and the gym.  I was very busy and it was a surprise that I made the gym.  Class knocked me out, but I needed it.  The high light of this day was the new Instant Pot I got while grocery shopping.  Fast and easy meals will be on the table in no time!

And no time was the next day.  I made this Tuscan Chicken and it was a hit with everyone and it only took about 30 minutes.

Tuesday, I caught up some more with laundry, it never ends, and got very inspired to de-clutter my house.  It was only an inspiration, and I haven’t gotten started with that yet, but I have two weeks off so I can foresee plenty of bags ready for the Goodwill.

Wednesday was my final check in with my nutrition coach.  I got my photos uploaded and questions submitted, plus I reevaluated the last six months of progress.  I am happy with where I am, but I am ready to be out of a reverse diet.  Since July my calorie intake as increased by almost 400 calories – all while still losing fat, the pics are proof to this, no more back rolls!  I never thought such a thing would have been possible – to eat and lose fat – but I have learned a lot, and I am ready to tackle the next phase on my own.

Also on Wednesday, we checked on our bees, and I am sad to say we lost one hive.  It was the one left from the original two, the one we mail ordered from Tractor Supply.  It was weak going into this year, and it never really recovered I guess.  The other two seem to be thriving and full of honey so they are set for the winter.  It’s our second winter with bees, so lets see how it goes.

In other news from the week, my wine is clearing well, and I am ready to finish bottling a batch and rack the others.  This will be keeping me busy while I am off these next couple of weeks as well.

Lastly, for this Friday, my boy and I spent the morning at the vet.  The cat came in last night with an open wound under her arm.  She seems fine, but the muscle was exposed and it looked like stitches were inevitable.  We were right, and so she’s gone for the day getting tended to.  The boy is home, for once, and I am back at the laundry and Friday cleaning, as usual.  And that’s what I’ve been up to this week.

Thanks again, everyone, for another year of stopping by to read what I’ve been up to.  I appreciate all the comments, likes, and feed back from you all.  Let’s see what 2020 brings…

Dec 2009 – When the grainy picture was unintentional…
To Dec 2019 – when the cameras are better, but the graininess is a filter and intentional.


2 Replies to “The Last Friday of 2019”

  1. So you don’t celebrate Christmas? Interesting. So sorry about your hive. Bees are struggling a lot, I’ve heard. Happy New Year!!!


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