And once again; new year, same me!

How is everyone this wet and dreary Friday?  We are starting the year off with rain over in West TN, but what else is new?  I’ve been a homebody most of the week, with the exception of a couple quick trips to the family cabin and of course, Wal-Mart, like I said, what else is new?

So, yeah, not a whole lot going on for the new year just yet.  In my time home though, I’ve gotten some deep cleaning and a little bit of organizing out of the way.  I have gone to bed with a clean kitchen since the year began, and I have high hopes to keep that up.  (Realistically, I give myself until Sunday with this.)

And besides the pre-spring cleaning, I’ve been messing with my photos from 2019 and all those video clips I had from my one second a day app.  It took me way too long on Wednesday to find a song to go with my 2019 video, but I am happy to say I finally found something.  I am happy with how the video came out, and after looking at the one I did on the app from the year before, my daily life has pretty much remained the same.  I am going to try and take video clips of things other than Yuki, wine, EJ’s flips, dresses, and the great-nephew, but I think those things are just the dominating parts of my life – I am not sad about that one bit.  🙂

I suspect there will be video clips of the great-niece this year, and perhaps a few less of the boy as he has a very busy schedule these days, and with school starting up for him later this month, I reckon he won’t be making as many appearances for 2020, but then again things do seem to remain the same for me and my videos/life.

One thing I hope that does change for 2020 is our travel frequency.  I want this to be the year we take some big trips.  There was just too much going on with Stephen and his work last year, but Scotland and Ireland are still on the table, and I have added Iceland to my travel list.  I’ll also be happy with some more little trips, we live in a pretty central location after all.

So, yeah, this year has started off great!  Just need the sun to shine and I won’t have anything to complain about.

Here’s my look back on 2019.  Real friends, I am posting this link yet again.  Enjoy!  ❤

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