I have cabin fever!  My regular life has been put on hold by a few too many snow days and I am ready for this white stuff to be gone.  Sure, it makes for nice photo backgrounds, but with the snow comes cold and not much getting out – the roads have been bad.  We’ve tried to remedy being stuck at home by taking some outside breaks.  Stephen worked from home again Tuesday, and Ethan and I were busy doing school, but Stephen charged up the drone the night before so when we had a few chances to bundle up and go out, he took it for a fly.  Me, I just took pictures of the drone taking pictures.

It’d been awhile since we got an aerial view of our surroundings.  One of the last times the guys flew the drone, it flew away.  Yup, all by itself it just took off and crashed a ways from home.  They found it and got it fixed – it was an update malfunction – but since then we haven’t used it much.  I sure hoped it wouldn’t fly off again this day.  At least if it did, it would be much easier to find.  I feel like it would be anyway.

Everything was pretty covered in the snow, and it’s not something we see more than a day of usually during the winter, but so far this year it’s been around almost a week.  The pond behind us was mostly melted, the kudzu trucks were visible, and there was something else that caught our eye.

Stephen called me over to the computer when he loaded the pics and asked what I thought it was.  Two small structures of some sort in a clearing past the trees.

Chicken houses.  That’s what I said they were.  I always hear chickens at night when I take Yuki out.  Ethan and his cousin had walked this area about a year ago and there was nothing there but a big dirt bank.  The boy’s guess, a shooting range and the structures were the shooting shelters.  Stephen wasn’t sure, but he didn’t have a guess as to what he thought it could be.

Later that evening, just before dark when Stephen got done with work, we took a little walk over to see what it was.  Ethan was right.  It’s a brand new shooting range.  There were no signs and I’m pretty sure it’s not for the public use, but it’s nice.  Probably for the state troopers or local police.  I don’t know.  I asked Stephen if we were trespassing.  There were no signs at all and last I knew this land was county land.  I did a little investigating: I asked Google and tried to find something on Facebook, but no such luck.  It shall remain a mystery for now.  One thing that’s not a mystery anymore, where all the shooting racket has been coming from lately.  A couple of months back for several days in a row, all we heard was shooting in the woods – on and off all day long.  People like to shoot every once in a while around here, but not that much.  Makes sense now.

Probably it was in the newspaper and I’d know about it if I read the local news.  (Note to self, start reading the local news.)  I got a cool picture of one of the kudzu trucks though, and another something to write about this week for the blog.

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