Sunday, January 21st:

Woke up to Stephen’s phone buzzing on the night table.  He ignored it but it just buzzed again.  It was his work and something was broken.  We got up a littler earlier than I would have liked for a Sunday, and he got up to spending almost the whole day on the computer working.  I cleaned and then had nothing else to do but wait for him to get done so I graded papers – on a Sunday!  Once most of the day was over, we headed out to the property so he and the boy could take down hunting stands.  Hunting season is over and it was such a nice day.  While out at the property, I walked around taking pictures.  Tried to get some for my photo challenge theme this week, but didn’t like hardly any of them.

This evening I felt like fish and chips so I thought I could make some.  Bad idea!  The fries were good, the fish was awful.  I got sad and spent the rest of the night grading papers while feeling sorry for myself because I hate it when dinner is a disaster.  I won’t be making that again.  I’ll just have to talk the guys into going out for dinner next time I have hankering for fish.

Monday, January 22nd:

The boy had a dentist appointment in Franklin this afternoon and as we always do, we made a day of it.  The plan was to find some more wall murals, but it was pouring rain most the morning so that was a no go.  Instead we had brunch, did a little bit of seasonal clearance mall shopping – boots socks for $5 ya’ll! – and then found some places around Franklin to take pics once the rain quit.  I found a park with a cool tunnel online, and we found it but a couple of people were filming a video in it so we couldn’t take many pictures there.  Maybe next time.  After the dentist, I probably spent too much money at Costco, but when do I not spend too much money at Costco?  Got something for dinner, Stephen’s suggestion, and headed home.  This evening, Stephen and I watched beekeeping videos on YouTube, and I think I am ready to be a beekeeper.

Tuesday, January 23rd:

What was I thinking not doing some blogging on Sunday?  Now it’s Tuesday and I have no time for anything and there is nothing posted on the blog even though I had plans for two posts to have already been up.  Ug!!  The snowstorm behind us, it was back to traveling for school, and back to rushing to everywhere we need to be.  School was great, and I made it home with just enough time to plan out dinner and make it to the gym for my 5:15 class.  Two classes tonight and I was very happy for them both.  I can’t get myself out of this workout slump though and haven’t done weights in I don’t know how long (It’s been two weeks.)  First it’s the weather then it’s the time.  Next week, I WILL succeed with this part of my life.  Tonight after the gym, I ordered two batches of bees:  3 pounds each batch which will be about 10,000 to 12,000 bees.  I am; nay, we are, very excited about this.  Well, Stephen and I are anyway.  The boy, eh, he doesn’t care.  🙂

Wednesday, January 24th:

More school today but this time close to home.  Grateful for my friends and this wonderful group I school with.  I’ve missed them all this last month we’ve not gotten together.  This evening dinner was easy and the gym was hard.  It was what I am calling ‘cardio Wednesday’ and I loved it.  No weights tonight as I ran out of time, but again, next week I will be telling a different tale as far as that goes.  I also plan to be sticking more to the diet next week as well.  Having a hard time with that these last few days also.

Thursday, January 25th:

Wine making Thursday!  Most of my batches start on Thursdays.  The boy and I went out to the property nice and early.  He drove the newest working addition to the farm, until it quit, while I did what needed to be done with my wine.  I am starting a new batch from some of the frozen fruit we have stockpiled in the freezers.  I had help this day and all went well.  Happy winemaker over here.  This afternoon I did stuff at home and the boy finished his school work for the day.  He went to work while I started dinner.  Or tried to start anyway.  Mittens the cat brought home a rodent and in the process of me trying to get it out of the garage, a bottle of chemicals fell to the ground and made a mess while at the same time dousing the mole with the liquid that spilled.  I now had to forget about dinner and wait for the mole to come out of hiding so that I would kill it before the cat did.  It was not fun!  Good thing I had glue boards and patience.  Needless to say the gym was a no go and dinner was going to be late.  My guy took me out instead which made me feel a bit better.  Tonight was our weekly hang out family night.  We watched a car show and enjoyed our time together.  I could tell the boy was tired though.  He cut his foot at work and wasn’t his normal self.  Aw, the teenage years!  Love him.  ❤ (His mood was just from being tired not from having cut his foot.  The cut wasn’t that bad at all.)

Friday, January 26th:

I love Friday mornings!  I usually have a little more time to myself before the day gets going.  Read some blogs this morning while drinking coffee until it was time to wake up Ethan.  We had a little later start than usual but that was okay.  I balanced the check book and did some shopping for the weekend before going out to the property to finish up the batch of wine I started yesterday.  Came home tired and took a nap while Ethan went to the gym.  I always feel bad taking a nap when there is so much to do, but get over pretty quickly when I wake up in a better mood.  Made dinner while doing laundry before taking the boy to piano.  The day went fast and I got almost everything done that I wanted to.  The cat brought another mole home to the garage.  Ewww!  On another note, I am excited for this weekend, but it’s gonna be a busy one.  2/3 of us will be in Mississippi on Sunday while 1/3 of us will be a couple counties away.  More about that when it happens.

That’s all for this week.  I hope to get ahead a little with the blog and start some new sewing projects this weekend in addition to being out and about.  We’ll see how that goes…


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