I’ve wanted to make a deer dress for a while now.  I was inspired by some sewist online who had made one of her own.  Thinking of it now, I am not sure who was my original source of inspiration, as deer dresses pop up here and there in my social feeds from time to time.

I put off getting the fabric for at least a couple of years, as I wasn’t sure if a deer dress was me.  Then I set up my Etsy shop, and since I was stepping out of my comfort zone with fabric purchases for it, I bought a lot of deer material.  All of my deer dresses were going to be for sale, and this one was too, but I didn’t think it was good enough for the shop.

Etsy rejects become my newest dresses, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.  🙂

The dress really isn’t a disaster, the only thing wrong with it is my serger thread.  Not anything that is even really visible, but it’s something I notice.  I used a grey and white thread combination, and where I have my facings, I can see the grey a little bit through the fabric.  I couldn’t list it like that.  I will make my next few with only white/natural colored threads.  And that’s it, that’s all it took to be less than perfect in my book, and it didn’t take too much to talk myself into a new deer dress that I wore the very next weekend.

I’m listing one just like it in the shop this week, and it will be available in custom sizes (I am even reusing some of these pictures).  Why not?  I’ve got deer fabric to spare!

P.S.  The cat had her heart set on jumping up at my camera strap dangling from the tripod.  A disaster waiting to happen for sure, so I was keeping her close to me so my camera wouldn’t come tumbling down.  She definitely photo bombed more than a few of my pics – ha ha!

Bad Cat

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