I am back! Did anyone miss me? It’s been a few weeks, a few long weeks, since I’ve updated on my life lately, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like it. I’ve not had too much to say over here and really I have been trying to keep myself busy and away from the house as much as possible the last two weeks. The house is quiet without Yuki around and there’s no little four-legged friend to come home to so that’s been hard on us. I’ve never really experienced the loss of a pet first hand, and having it be so unexpected has been the worst part. I miss her terribly, but we are adjusting and time heals all wounds.

So, really, I have been up to a lot since I last updated over here. Here’s the condensed version. We’ve been to the Nashville area three times, I’ve been hiking, I’ve sprayed the vineyard, and I’ve bottled over 20 gallons of wine. We saw the emergence of spring over at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville (I’m working on that post), and we saw parts of Franklin, TN underwater. We had lots and lots of rain, plus a tornado that hit about 20 minutes south of us. So, yeah, a lot has happened around these parts.

I am very happy that the cold weather seems to be behind us. The days have been wonderful and the nights have been perfect. I think we are out of danger of a late frost that would do any damage to the muscadines, so looks like this year is gonna be a normal growing season. (I looked ahead at the weather forecast, so I am confident to say so. πŸ™‚ )

Stephen and I made an Ikea trip this weekend so I have the last piece of furniture to complete my sewing room. I finished shampooing the carpets that I started back in March, and the spring cleaning is almost completed. It’s been a productive month!

I will leave you with scenes of last month from my 1 Second a day video for March. And also some drone video footage someone took of the beginnings of that tornado that hit. Nature is amazing!

Hope you all have a great weekend! ❀

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