I can see 2022 on the horizon, 2021 is about to be nothing more than a memory. What I am most looking forward to of the new year, winter. Yes, I said it. I want cold weather! I may regret what I am asking for, but as long as I can stay home and our heater works, I won’t mind winter one bit when it finally shows up. It’s December 27th and our air conditioner has been running most the month. I think it was cold one day this month and I took a picture of it.

And with air condition-like weather in December, there is always that possibility of severe weather, and severe weather for us means tornados. Two Fridays ago when I last updated you all on my everyday life, we were waiting on severe weather that did in fact end up being tornadic! A mere two and half miles away from me, the industrial complex and part of that nearby neighborhood got hit! And in a slightly different direction, once it hit there it moved up and over to the state park, right in the middle of my normal route the the family cabin. So many trees destroyed! Thankfully no one was injured, and for us it was only a few days of an inconvenience without power. We can deal with that.

I was expecting something from that storm before it even hit. That evening many of the empty canning jars in my washroom were making popping noises from the lids being sealed. Thinking this had something to do with changing pressure in the air, I knew it couldn’t be good. Then at 11pm when I thought to go to bed for a few hours before the storms hit us, I saw what was happening in Kentucky and that same storm line was headed to us. I didn’t sleep well that night, the emergency radio came on several times and just before 2 am, the power went out right as the weather man was showing storm rotation not far from us. This would have been the time to head to the storm shelter, but Stephen mid-snore thought we’d be fine in the house. How does he always sleep through these things! Well, I kept an ear and an eye open and when we woke up the next morning and saw the trampoline hadn’t blown away, I figured we were okay. Only the gate blew off, but it was already barely hanging on. Then I looked on Facebook and saw there was in fact damage done and not far from us, and even closer to the boy. No power and no cell service made me a bit worried. Stephen took a drive to see that all was well, and then we settled in for two days with no power and no heat, the one time this month it would have been nice to have the heater on.

And that was where I last left you all. In these last two weeks we also had a dog food scare, and I am publicly announcing that I will NEVER buy dog food or anything ingestible on Amazon.com again!! Let me elaborate just a bit. We started transitioning Aspen from the dog food she came with to another brand because one thing we experienced with Yuki was that Bichon’s are sensitive to certain ingredients. I spent lots of time looking into what dog food would be best and ordered it from Amazon – where I used to always get my dog food. Anyway, we had only started mixing small amounts of the new food in with the old, and I found that some of it had what looked like wood splinters sticking out of the kibble. I couldn’t believe it. In all my researching, I never thought to read the Amazon reviews. I was about to write my own review of this dog food and came across so many other reviews saying how this was a knock off product, a fake passing as the real thing, and many many dogs had gotten sick eating this food. I couldn’t believe it! So a little more research, and it didn’t take much at all to find that Amazon often has knock-offs and spoiled products being sold as the real deal. So, note to self and everyone else, do not buy dog food from Amazon! Perhaps many of you already know this, and I am unfortunately late to the revelation. Thankfully, it didn’t seem that it was a problem for Aspen. I am so thankful we noticed this when we did.

I’d say those were the most exciting events that happened to me in the last couple of weeks. We have one week left of 70 degree weather and then it’s supposed to be in the 30’s next Sunday. Winter is a bit slow on making its appearance this year, but it seems it’s gonna show up. This week for me involves pruning grape vines and getting some stuff checked off of my to-do list before January starts. Life is good! ❤

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