Good morning, if it is morning where you are. Oh, how the last couple of weeks have already flown by! I am late to blog about the New Year, but better late than never. I am always happy to see I still have a following and some readers over here when I’ve so awfully neglected to post. I’ve had good reason – no access to my computer and all my pictures. So far, January 2022 has been very similar to January 2021. Stephen and I were sick, almost to the day of last year. Not bad at all, seriously seemed just like a head cold, but since Stephen was home he was working from home, and my computer has been occupied. The times I could have used it before this, I have been spending my free time reading and planning for the new year.

Winter finally showed up, right on schedule. The first weekend of the month started with a nice little squall that blew our gutter off and littered the neighborhood with sticks and branches, then several hours and a 40 degree drop later, came the first snow of the year. It warmed up a little the few days after, and then snowed again. Woke up not feeling well this day, and didn’t have to worry about not going anywhere because we had more snow, a good couple of inches, and I wouldn’t be leaving the house anyway. I will say not feeling well and having to go outside several times a day in the snow while house training the puppy was my least favorite part of this particular week. The snow was just as distracting for her as the leaves! Winter is still sticking around too, it snowed again yesterday. Not the 8 inches that was expected, ha ha, more like 1/2 an inch if that, and then by 2 the sun was out and it all pretty much melted. What was weird about this storm though is that it varied so much by county, even within the county. One side had hardly anything, the other was snow packed and icy. Moving on from the weather…

We’ve had Aspen for 2 and a half months already and she’s changed so much! I want to say she is getting the hang of potty training, she tells us every time she needs to go out, and she hasn’t peed in the house in over two weeks. I am pretty diligent on taking her out every 2 hours to pee so I know that helps. She sleeps through the night, from 9:30pm to 5:30/6am, and will pretty consistently take a 3-4 hour nap every morning. Sometimes if she doesn’t eat enough before bed, she wakes up gagging in the early morning, so we help this by giving her a couple small handfuls of food about an hour before bed. Her schedule has helped me stay on track with mine. 🙂 She is a lot of fun and the annoying biting phase seems to be getting better.

I’ve made myself a few goals for the new year, specifically for the next three months, and I am doing well with them so far. A few of my 12 week goals are:

  1. Read 3 fitness/nutrition/business related books. I am currently reading Business Boutique by Christy Wright. I’ve had this one for over a year and had only read one chapter. It’s the first book on my list and I am making my way through it.
  2. Get outside more during the winter months. Walking at the lake, walking at the park, or just sitting out in the sunshine when it’s warm will do. Don’t neglect the vitamin D!
  3. Continue to grow a nutrition coaching business. I am still in the beginning phases of this. Those who remember, I got a nutrition certification last February. It took me a couple of months to get started with it once certified, but I am happy to say that by the end of the year, I had taken on 10 clients and I have a goal to triple that this year. I’d say it’s probably still a low goal number, but I am happy with that for now.

And that’s just a few things that have been going on with me lately. I’m going to sign off for today, and assure you all that I will have a better blogging presence in 2022.

Everyone online is posting their me now vs. 10 years ago, here’s mine. Feb 2012 / Jan 2022

Hope you all are having a great year so far! Lastly, here is what December looked like.

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