The month didn’t go by as fast as I expected it to, and I didn’t find as much time as I would have liked to be keeping up with my week to week over here. February was a busy one and here are the highlights.

The month started with round two of that ice storm I ended my last post on. Things were icy for a couple of days but the roads weren’t bad to drive on. Everything was beautiful when the sun came out and I am making my 2023 declaration of being done with the cold! Spring can show up any day now, and any day wasn’t too far away.

Wasn’t long after the ice that Stephen and I made it out to do our annual target practice. I am calling it an annual thing because for the last two years, it’s been around this time that we think to go out and shoot. It’s nice to have a shooting row in the vineyard for these once a year occasions.

Continuing with the vineyard, mid February is when we prune. My dad made it out to help and we got it all done in just over a week. The weather was wonderful except for one cold day. Again, I am ready for spring.

And one such Sunday that resembled spring, Stephen and I had a day out for pizza and wine at a nearby winery. It was breezy but sitting out in the sun was wonderful. This month I also tending to wine of my own. We bottled and refilled a barrel and the only thing left to do with that batch is label it.

I heard there was a football game this month, and for the first time in many years, we didn’t watch it. Instead we made cookies. My ultimate favorite cookies are black and white cookies. A vacation staple because you can find these in any Publix grocery store bakery. I am very glad that these aren’t readily available close to home because I have very little will power when they are around. It didn’t take long to eat them all. And it was I that pretty much ate them all!

And being the baker that I am not, it will probably be a year before we make them again.

And that about sums up February. The month ended with lots of sunshine and 80 degree weather. The pups and I soaked it all in yesterday. Now on to March, it’s going to start out rainy and windy. ❤

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