Looking back on my last post for February seems so long ago now, even though it kind of feels like March flew by. I’m not doing too well with this year’s goal of posting more over here, and, alas, another month is gone so you all will get the monthly recap.

March started out dreary and windy! We had some high wind warnings and the weather man got it right! The wind was so bad that I lost my brand new deck rug, all the chairs on the deck blew off, plus my string lights against the house broke, and so did the deck chairs. My neighbor had roof damage, so my ruined deck furnishings were the least that could have happened. Let me continue on with the weather, two weeks after this we had more stormy weather and with this round one of the trees came down at the cabin. It missed the house and the muscadine vines so that was a relief. And if you haven’t heard, this last Friday my area was bombarded with tornadoes. My immediate area was spared and we really only had a severe rain storm, but less than half a mile from a few of my friends’ places, a tornado made it’s way for 20 miles! I was in awe driving out to their place the next day. Another friend had vehicle damage from the hail, and my guy has been on damage control all weekend because the biggest tornado of the night hit a bunch of his internet customers.

In home repair news, we finally got our back door replaced and we love the new addition. We went with a sliding glass door and it’s perfect! I won’t have to worry about any more water seeping in, or bugs, from the deteriorating frame that was there before. And it gave me a chance to clean up some of my houseplants that were surrounding the old door since they had to be moved.

In the ‘work’ department, I’ve wrapped up another nutrition coaching session with a client who was very happy with our time together. She lost a total of 8 pounds and close to 5 inches, plus made big progress with her mindset around food. I always love it when that happens! ❤ The behind the scenes work with this is an ongoing process and I am working on that more and more every week.

And the pups, they are as good as ever. Daisy had her spay surgery at the beginning of the month and she is doing great. Keeping her calm for two weeks was always going to be a problem but we managed alright. Now she is more than making up for her lost down time, and the pups won’t quit chasing each other around the house.

I will say Daisy definitely enjoyed the extra one on one human time while she was in recovery. And even though she was not as active, it didn’t stop her from destroying toys. This one here is longer with us, along with its red companion.

That is about all I have to say about the month of March. My camera roll is a bit empty these days, in addition to finally not keeping up with my 1 second a day clips lately, I have finally slowed on the picture taking. Unless you count pics of the dogs because I seem to have way too many of those.

Have a great day, everyone!

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