Dear Diary 2023: Weeks 3-4

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Hey, y’all! It’s that time of winter when I go into hibernation mode. We are in the middle of the first ice storm of the season. Last night’s forecasted storm wasn’t that bad, but round two, which will arrive later today, is supposed to be worse. As is usually the case, I didn’t even realize we were expecting bad weather. For the most part I am on top of news like this, but every now and then when it’s been back and forth from warm to cold so much, I give up on even paying attention and that is when the worst weather shows up. I am not too worried about it. If need be, Stephen will work from home, and the schools are already closed, so I don’t expect it to be a surprise if I have to cancel on my gym class. Most likely, no one will be showing up anyway. The weather aside, things have been pretty normal around these parts.

The most exciting event of the last two weeks was a Sunday drive to middle Tennessee to visit a winery. Horseshoe Bend is where we went and this was a special occasion because it was to taste the wine that was made from our very own, farm grown muscadines. I’m sure I mentioned it back in 2021, but we picked and sold a whole lot of grapes to a winery that year and this was the final product.

It was a rainy day, and kind of cold. It wouldn’t have been too bad had Stephen and I remembered to wear jackets like normal people in winter, but like I said earlier, it’s been back and forth from warm to cold and we just didn’t think when we left the house with only sweaters on. Not a problem though cause the winery has a nice pavilion to shield from the rain and there was a tower heater we were able to sit by while we drank our glass of professionally made muscadine wine. It was good, sweet but most muscadine wines are, and we came home with a couple of bottles so that we can taste test against what we have made ourselves.

And a drive through the backroads of Tennessee wouldn’t be complete without seeing something out of the ordinary. What are those weird things hanging from that building?

I thought they were chickens, Stephen thought turtles, and my friend thought they must be the southern version from a shrunken head kind of tribe when I posted the pic on a friend group chat. We got a closer look…

We still couldn’t make them out. My group chat friend was sure they were catfish. It took me a while to see that, but now I can’t think how we ever thought they were turtles. 😀

That’s enough from the back roads, we headed home and I spent the rest of last week deep cleaning my house. I moved everything from all the shelves and even brought the ladder in to clean all the dust bunnies from up high where you never see.

It was a productive week at home for me. I also made it to the gym most days and even though I haven’t gotten a proper leg day workout in, I’ve been doing alright with what I have been able to do. I hurt my knee the first of the month and it’s been three weeks of resting it as best as I can, and I think it is finally feeling good enough to do more with it this week. We shall see…

The only other things to note from the last couple of weeks are that I started a new batch of wine and got to taste test some of what we have stored in the cellar. Also got to do some junk store browsing, and took a detour home one day to see the lake near my house. And that’s about it for me. January has felt like such a long month! Now that it is about over, I am sure the year will fly by. Hope you all are staying warm and enjoy whatever you’re up to today. Until next time.

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