More than two weeks in to 2023 and just as I expected, it’s flying by. It may as well be March tomorrow. How are things for everyone? No complaints from me. I am happy to be getting things done and the weather is, for the most part, cooperating – no recent downpours in the midst of grocery shopping so that is a plus.

I’ve been a bit less of a picture taker the last couple of weeks so I don’t have much to go along with today’s post. A few too many sky pics that look almost like every other sky picture, and only a couple pictures of the puppies are on my camera roll from last week. What I can say about last week was that a good part of it was spent in front of my iPad. I watched 20 lesson videos from my nutrition training curriculum to review before I took my recertification test on Friday. I was a bit worried about how well I would do since I don’t take tests very often these days. There was nothing to worry about, I did well!

Other than that, I was able to sneak away from home for a couple of afternoons. One day for coffee with friends and another day to visit with another. I did not get to make any Google forms like I thought I would, so that is on the list of things for this week.

I’d have to say the highlight of last week, or this week really cause it was on Sunday, was getting to operate a saw mill. This was pretty cool! Stephen thought so too. So, in the future, if we ever need any pieces of lumber, we will know where to go for our own personally cut boards!

And that was last week. Two down and fifty more to go… Have a great one, everybody!

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