Hi!  How is this first Monday of the year treating you all?  Me?  I can’t complain.  I spent the weekend with my family and I am kind of sad to say that all these recent days off have come to an end. My guy has made his way back to work and so have I – the housework and schooling are calling my name. But before I surround myself in paperwork, textbooks, red marking pens, and household chores I wanted to get something up here on the blog for today.

I am going to be trying my best-est to keep a ‘Me-Made-Monday’ theme over here on the blog, but try as I could, I wasn’t anywhere close to a finished project for today.  Instead, I thought I would look back on my 2015 and the projects that did make their way up here.

Every year around this time, those WordPress helper monkeys (or so they’re called) come up with a year-end blog stat report, and then send them to us WordPress bloggers to take a look at.  For me, 2015 wasn’t a bad blogging year!  I did a little bit better than I did in 2014, and when it comes to my blog, any progress is good progress.  My most viewed day was back in March when I posted this post about that time we got a lot of snow.  I was kind of surprised that this was the busiest traffic day of mine. If I remember right, it was cold and snowy all over, so maybe readers had extra time on their hands to spend reading posts.  I did have a few sledding fail YouTube videos on that particular post, so maybe that was what drew you all in.  Looking back on those videos still makes me laugh!

Simplicity 2444
My most viewed post of the year actually wasn’t one that I posted this year.  It was this one about my first completed Simplicity 2444.  In fact, four of my top five weren’t even from 2015, they were from last year and they were all about dresses that I have made.  I guess that means my posts have staying power, and that my sewing posts are the most popular on my blog.  (Note to self, keep sewing and blogging about what I make.)

Top posts of 2015
Top posts of 2015:

2.  A Completed Simplicity 1418 || 3.  Pattern Hacking a 2444 || 4.  The Tangled Green Dress || 5.  The Blown Away Dress

My longest posting streak this year was five days, and that didn’t happen until the first week in December.  I am definitely hoping to keep up with a more consistent posting schedule, so I hope to have more numbers like that this time next year.  I had 36 Friday posts for the year, which doesn’t sound like as much as I thought I had.  This will be a place for improvement.  Although, these posts are mostly my diary style posts, and sometimes not much happens in my life.  I must have had 16 pretty uneventful weeks in 2015.

Once again, I will say it was a great year of blogging for me. I had 128 new posts. I hope that this time next year I will have even more stats to show for 2016, and my goal is to have at least 250 posts up by the end of the year.  Keep stopping by, cause I’m going to keep on posting.  Here’s to a new year in the blogosphere!  Feel free to follow along, and you can find my social links at the top of my site page (or at the bottom if you’re viewing via mobile device).

Oh, and it seems that my sewing posts were pretty popular on Instagram as well.  These were my top 9 of 2015 over there.


2 Replies to “2015: My Blogging Year in Review”

    1. Thank you! Their popularity just gives me all the more reason to keep sewing. Not that I needed an excuse. Now, to just find a little extra time. 🙂


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