Wardrobe Wear Out // Week 11 and 12

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Hi, everyone!  I am a day early for ‘what I wore Wednesday,’ but who’s keeping track?  I didn’t post anything last week (week 11) because I had nothing to post – it was a slow week as far as dressing up went.  I’ll catch you all up for week 12, but again, it was still on the slow side.  I did actually wear a dress for week 11, but it was a last minute decision and since I was already running late for that day’s activities, I didn’t take a picture.  It was already dark when I got home, so I told myself not to worry, it will get worn again.  Also, I had a few repeat wears this week so no need to show them again.

For today, here are my two most recently worn dresses.  Oops, one of them you did already see, it was from my last Thursday Thrift post.  Well today it counts towards the wardrobe wear out.  Dec 20th – Jan 2nd is my time frame for these:


Dress 20/113 – Made by me


Day 21/113 – Made by me

Nothing really exciting, huh?  And hopefully no one is getting tired of these posts.  I’m only twelve weeks in of 52, so 40 more weeks left to go…

Thanks for stopping by!

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