Hey there!  It felt really good to be back to my normal life this week.  With the exception of our school group meet-ups, everything was back on track.  Well, maybe except for the laundry, I’m not back on track with it yet…

I’m only a little obsessed with the sleep tracker on this thing

About this week, it started early last Sunday, and with only about 4 hours of sleep – what?!  I’ve been trying to catch up every day since.  Saturday nights are our later than usual nights to begin with, but they shouldn’t be when all of us are going out hunting the next morning.  Since it was the last regular day of this hunting season, I went and sat out with my boy while my guy was keeping watch in another location.  The boy and I didn’t spend too much time out though because this particular day he was feeling a little under the weather.


Kicking our feet up in the cabin while sipping on hot chocolate was how that morning ended.  The rest of the day I spent getting ready for the week and heading to town for groceries.  Fun, I know!


Monday I started a new work out plan in addition to my regular gym-class time.  (I’ve been posting some on Instagram about what I am doing:  the #TFMindandBodyChallenge thanks to a free, 21 day plan from TayloredFitness.co.)  I had a feeling once I got back to my normal fitness routine, I’d have no trouble meeting my 10,000 steps a day goal with my new FitBit.  I was right, but also I was kind of wrong.  (I will explain that one in another post which will be all about the FitBit.)



Tuesday was mostly all about school.  The boy was back to piano from a half month break, and I was back to menu planning, cooking, cleaning, and all that other stuff I do on a day to day basis.


Wednesday started very early, earlier than Sunday even.  I was westbound, headed for Memphis to finally get my car fixed.  I’ve had a suspicion that my water pump was in trouble, so for the last several months my car has been pretty much parked.  I was waiting for the perfect day to have to waste spend stuck at at the Mini Cooper hospital, 100 miles from home.  The longer I waited for this ‘perfect’ day, the more I realized time spent in a waiting area will never have its own perfect day.

It was way too hot in that waiting room so a little outside time was nice.

Wednesday was the day.  I am happy to say, I overestimated my wait time and I was home in time for my 5 o’clock gym session.  Bonus, there was only one other thing wrong with my car in addition to the water pump.  (There’s usually a grocery list of problems at those places.  Or is it just with me and the cars I get looked at….?)

Moving on to Thursday.  I tasted wine this morning, and it was pretty good.  My eleven gallons worth of summer fruit is ready to be bottled.  That will be on the agenda for next week.  I’ve got work to do this weekend, time to get those bottles cleaned and sanitized.


And now, here I am on Friday.  There’s plenty to do today: laundry being on the top of the list and then it’s time to fill the big red tub to soak wine bottles.  The good news with school is that my boy doesn’t have too hard of a day, so I’m expecting we will be done early.  Then, we’ve got a week off.  (We scheduled our winter break after everyone else took there’s.  It’s so much nicer that way.)

And that’s all I have to say about this week.  Oh, wait, one more thing… I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I have a time sensitive review that I am working on (my posting schedule got a little off track thanks to that Memphis trip on Wednesday) so stop back by this weekend and check it out.

Now, that is all I have to say.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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