Moonstone & Garnet Arabesque Pendant Necklace // Product Review

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Novica pendant necklace

This may be my most favorite product review yet.  Look at how pretty that necklace is!  And the packaging, well it was a little unexpected bonus.  What I am talking about today was sent to me for the purpose of a review, so review I will do.

This is a moonstone and garnet pendant necklace that goes by the name of Arabesque.  It comes form a company called Novica, who in association with National Geographic, works together with artisan designers from around the world to produce little keepsake treasures such as this.  The necklace that I was sent, the Arabesque, is so called for its scroll-like designs, and it has as its centerpiece these two natural stones.  I thought the little fabric bag that it came with it to be a nice extra touch of keepsake-ness (not a real word, I know).  The package also had a little booklet describing the designer and his influences for the piece.

artisan jewelry

My thoughts on this necklace are pretty straight forward.  The pendant came on a nice sized silver chain and the piece itself seemed to be well made.  The stones were set well, and the detailing in the scrolls was very precise.  The silver was not one bit dull, and the stones had very vibrant colors to them.


What I disliked about the necklace was that it was more lightweight than I had expected it to be, but even so, it still hangs nicely from the chain it came with.  As for the chain, it had a slight kink in it, and that could have been from being bent inside of the packaging.  The necklace did come somewhat wrapped up inside of a small little baggie, which was inside of the fabric pouch.  This could straighten out over time.  I have not been storing the necklace inside of the pouch since I got it; instead, it has been hanging on a necklace hanger that I have, so if it is going to work itself straight it will.

Arabesque Necklace hanging 1

A slight imperfection but it doesn’t bother me enough not to wear it or even say that I like it any less. And besides, it’s on the chain not on the pendant itself and it’s not really noticeable when wearing.

This necklace just so happens to match my wardrobe very well, and I can see me wearing it on a very regular basis.  Not only for me, but I think the necklace is versatile enough to suit many different styles making it a great accessory for any taste.

moonstone and garnet pendant

If you like unique and interesting jewelry, and or enjoy supporting artisan jewelry designers, you might find pieces from this company to your liking.  Should you be interested in one like this, you can find it here.

*I was sent this item at a very discounted rate for the purpose of an honest review. I am not being compensated in any way. Opinions are all my own, and are 100% truthful.

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