Oh, Friday!  I love Fridays even though I usually have so much to do on this particular day of the week.  Today was no exception.  And instead of getting an early start today, once my guy left to work I decided to get a little bit more sleep.  It was nice, but it was a whole lot harder getting out of bed a second time.  Maybe next time I feel like getting a few extra z’s, I’ll go with an afternoon nap.

Kohl's style

This week wasn’t too bad.  I got a lot done and I am keeping on top of all my regular activities.  I was prepared for this post this week too, because I had the great idea to do this week’s Friday recap with bonus daily outfit photos. I diligently took a photo each day of what I was wearing, but then realized that most of what I wore showed up on the blog already this week or will be showing up next week.  So, what I am wearing above is one that you all haven’t seen, and if it weren’t for this post, probably wouldn’t see. It will be my outfit of the week.  iPhone photos will have to do for the rest of this post.

My main highlights of the week, in no particular order:

homemade wine

More bottled wine.  My Muscadine Blueberry is finished and ready to drink.  It came out good.  I am a little more partial to what I bottled last week, but my guy likes this one more and I am fine with that.


A new workout plan.  I just got done with a three week plan that I came across on Instagram, and so it was time for something else.  My boy just went through the AthleanX program and he and my guy were ready to start it again, and I thought I’d join in.  I did some of the exercises with them before and liked every one that I did; I am giving it a go this time myself.  I’m still on week one, so I am sure I will have more to say on this again.  (I really want to start writing more about this current fitness journey of mine.  I am just over a  year into it, and I am kind of surprised that I haven’t really talked more about it.  More than just telling you all I went to the gym again, anyway.)

And lastly for this week’s highlights, I am ready to ski.  We have a trip coming up, and last Sunday we got the last of what we needed for said trip.  I didn’t take a picture, so you will have to believe me when I say that the bags can start being packed.

That is all I have for this week.  I will be back, hopefully on Monday with something new that I have made.  Until then, have a great weekend.

img_4028  How I currently feel.

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