Well, my self-imposed posting plan has gone to the wayside.  I start my week off with every intention on getting specific posts up on specific days, then I just run out of time.  So a photo post on a Thursday night will have to do for right now.  It’s been a little while since I’ve done a photo post anyway (and photos of myself don’t count), so I figured I was long overdue.

Speaking of photos, just when I thought I had come to the end of my Instagram daily photo streak, I go and start another.  That puts me at about 15 months and counting.  So once again, if you want to follow along with my daily life in pictures, you can find me here.  Or you could just wait until Friday and see most of them posted over here on my blog.  Either way, I can never take enough pictures.  Or video, as I am currently working on a little video project.  That is going to be a year in the making, so hopefully I will have something neat to show for it when 2016 is all said and done.  Back to pictures though.  I have had my good camera with me everywhere lately, and here are some pics that I have taken of winter, so far, as I have seen it.

Winter weather in West Tennessee can be very random at times.  Some days it is sunny and cold.  Perfect for a brisk walk in the woods.

winter in TN

Winter in TN pinecone

Two days later it can be windy and warm.

Winter in TN wind

Winter Bluejays

Then it might freeze the next morning.

Winter in TN3

Or snow a couple of days after that.

Winter in TN snow

Then there just might be tornadoes in the distance the next week.

Winter in TN 2

These pics just about sum up the weather around these parts the last few weeks.  What has the weather been like where you are?


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