I wonder how long I keep up with this specific post title.  I was already thinking of a different name for today’s post, but since I already started with this theme, I might as well keep going… for now.  Anyway, I kind of like it.

How is everyone today?  I am feeling fine.  Much better today than I was on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or even Monday actually.  It’s all because of last Sunday and that is where I shall start…

Sunday, the family and I made our way to Jackson early in the day.  We have friends that have recently joined a gym there and we were invited to check it out and spend the day with them.  It all sounded great, and it was great.  The facilities were nice with lots of extras: pools, basketball courts, steam rooms, and  a rock wall – whoa, now that is a gym!  My guy and I were just interested in the weights while the boy was enjoying his time on the basketball court.  So about those weights… We had a plan for the day, and I think I did it and about three other days worth as well.  I did my best weighted squats ever, and got more of a workout on the assisted pull up machine than I think I bargained for.  At least I think those two were the culprits.  My lower body was the sorest it has been in months, and I don’t think my forearms have ever been as sore as they were.  It took me until yesterday to be able to extend my arm to its fullest.  It was bad!  I no doubt over did it, but it was so fun getting to try out all those different machines.  Lesson learned: don’t over do everything all in one day.


So the rest of the week I was moving slowly and complaining quite a bit.  But I am all better now.  I did keep to my normal gym schedule only very much modified: way more cardio than usual, and a lot less weight this week.  Plus, I gave myself a much needed extra rest day.  I should be in tip top shape come my next gym session.

Monday, there was school and grading which I very much enjoyed – the school part not the grading part.  Tuesday, there was school and tornadoes.  No tornadoes that I saw, but a few did form not to far from where I was that day.  I almost didn’t believe there was one until a friend sent a picture from the local news.  Crazy how close it was!  No damage was done from it, and I was able to drive home with not a drop of rain on me.  I did stop to take some pictures.  I think this picture would be from the back side of the storm.

stormy skies

Wednesday, the boy and I, along with the cousins, had ourselves a little field trip.  We headed to the nearby city and saw a school performance of Oliver.  It was really good!  I guess I didn’t know what to expect, not really seeing a lot of small town productions of musical theater, but I was impressed.  We had lunch out and then after a quick stop to a couple stores, the boy and I had to rush home.  My boy has gotten his first job – well second if I count his biweekly neighborly duties – and I now have a new schedule to get used to.  Nothing that demanding, but just something else to keep us running around.  It’s all good and Wednesday was a great day!


Thursday I got some of my newly bottled wine labeled and spent a little time out at the family cabin.  After that it was home to tackle the mountains of laundry, and think of where my boy’s missing snow gloves are… It looks like I will be making another trip to the nearest city before this week is over.

Today, I have plenty to do.  Finishing up with the boy’s school work is first on the list, then cleaning and after that off to the city to find a pair of gloves and a couple of travel essentials.  We are getting closer to the mountains than we were last week.

To those of you who have read all the way to this point, have a wonderful Friday!!!

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