Fall is getting closer, and last week I could feel it.  This week, however, well the weather is back to summer.  It’s been hot and humid and based on the temperature outside, fall seems like a very distant event.  I am just waiting for the perfect fall day to wear this dress.

retro style dress

Let me think for a minute.  Yes, this is the last dress that I have bought, and it almost cost me my most favorite pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.  We were in Franklin about a month ago (I know I mentioned something about this once before so I won’t go into too much detail), and I talked my guy into a quick Goodwill stop.  I found this dress, and couldn’t believe what a find it was!  My best thrifted dress find to date, I would say, and it was only $8.00.  In those few moments of rushing through the store, finding a beautiful dress, and trying it on, I managed to lose track of my sunglasses.  When I realized they were gone and after hunting the store, I was pretty upset with myself.  Since they were old and this dress was such a find, I figured it was a fair trade.  I really needed a new pair anyway.

The dress, it has polka dots, has the perfect retro look and feel, and it even has a nice little bit of detail popping out at the bottom.  I really can’t wait for a cooler day to wear it.  The material is stretchy and thick so right now, is not weather appropriate.  Although, that didn’t stop me from already trying to wear it.  Once I walked out the door, I knew it was not a summer dress – that is part of the reason I for the headless photo.  It was hot and I looked a mess.  We are only interested in the dress through, so today I can call this a preview post of my newest thrifted dress.

Oh, and my sunglasses, I found them a little later wedged just out of sight and out of reach, between the car seat.  I had already looked there twice, but on my third check, there they were.  Whew, I have a new to me dress, and still have my very worn, most favorite pair of sunglasses.

You all will be seeing this one again, hopefully sooner than later.



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