At this very moment, I am feeling good.  It was a rough week, physically speaking, but somehow everything worked itself out.  It started Sunday morning, or more specifically Saturday night.  My guy, the boy, and I have consistently made it to the gym Saturday evening for three weeks now.  I am getting a little tired of my same ole routine, so I thought to change it up a bit.  My new exercises of choice I guess were a bit much on me, and my knee really felt it Sunday morning.


I was moving slowly, and had the knee brace to show for it.  This did not make me feel good one bit.  You see, I was headed back to ballet Monday evening, and with one knee that had limited mobility, I thought better of taking class.  Instead, I sulked at home because I wasn’t even gonna make it to my regular HIIT and dance aerobics class.  I’ve got a pretty nice routine going here, it was a big bummer to have my own self mess it up.

Cherry wine, batch one, bottled.

My injury didn’t keep me from everything; I still had a pretty productive week.  I picked more muscadines and bottled the big batch of cherry wine Sunday, and I can’t forget to mention our first day of school on Monday.

First day of school and the boy needs a hair cut.  A smile wouldn’t hurt him either.

Then there was Tuesday.  Our little school group had a field day so we spent our time outside enjoying the wonderful day outdoors with group activities and fun.  Me and my braced leg had to mostly stand by and watch.  Which wasn’t too bad really.  I did get to participate in the egg on a spoon race.  Had I been able to move without that strange limp in my step, we may have won.  Oh, well, I’ll plan on going full out next time.  That evening was spent surrounded with friends and all you can eat nachos.  I didn’t eat all that I could, but since I am a pretty big nacho fan, dinner did help make my mood better.


Next comes Wednesday.  My knee is starting to feel much better.  I spent the day without the brace and was pretty happy with how everything was coming along.  I met some friends that afternoon at Sky Zone so the children could get some more energy out now that a lot more time is going to be spent sitting behind the books.  No jumping for us adults, but for me that wasn’t a bad thing.  It was great sitting down spending the time talking with some great friends.  I decided this evening to head to the gym for my regular Wednesday HIIT class.  Three days off was long enough.  Things were going great until the Bosu ball got the best of me.  Being extra cautious of my knee, my jump lunge found me on the floor with a rolled ankle.  I staggered through the rest of class, knowing my ballet strong ankle would bounce back any minute, and I’d be jump lunging again in no time.  Rolling it really hurt this time, and I am afraid that the next day, Thursday, found me moving much slower and feeling even more sorry for myself.  Off to Jackson the boy and I went, because what makes one feel better when they are down?  For me, it was shopping at Kohl’s and a Starbucks Frappaccino.  My boy finally got a hair cut and that was a bonus mood booster.

Hair cut done, new clothes bought, and something with caffeine for me, we were ready to head home, much happier and feeling pretty good.  So, off to the gym I went.  It was arm day for me in HIIT class and shoulder day with weights.  Since my knee was feeling fine and my ankle was all wrapped up, I ended Thursday with a pretty good work out considering the short comings of my lower body.  After the gym, and after unwrapping my foot, I found my mobility was pretty close to normal, and you know what just hit the spot?  Pizza.  I didn’t have to cook, and everything was seeming to be all better.

I guess I still do have those ballet strong ankles.  I was starting to think I was all of a sudden feeling that thing called age.  Not just yet, I guess.  I’m not completely out of pain so I am still going to take it easy a few days longer, but I reckon I should be up to full speed this time next week.

As for now, I am off to pick more muscadines and get to all that cleaning I wasn’t able to do all week.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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